CABRI-Volga events

  • Policy roundtable for Russian and EU policymakers: “Russia’s Water Code and the EU’s Water Framework Directive – A Dialogue of Research and Practice”
    Moscow, 27 February, 2007, 1400-1800, Hotel Metropol (by invitation only)

    Meeting background documents:

    Please read our article about the meeting. More information available from Frank Wefering (in English and German) and Elena Nikitina (in Russian and English).

  • CABRI-Volga scientific expert group meeting
    Pushchino, 26 February, 2007
    The Pushchino Research Center, located some 100km south of Moscow on the banks of the Oka river, played host to a discussion forum focused on mapping future research objectives for the Volga. More than thirty scientists convened at the invitation of Peter Mashkin, Head of the center. After hearing about the project’s results, participants proposed strengthening the scientific basis of Volga management by implementing pilot research projects that would design and test basin management models on segments of the river, e.g. the Oka. In contributing to the project’s recommendations, they wished to add the enhancement of basin monitoring, and improvement in the user-friendliness and distribution of this information to all relevant stakeholders.

  • Development of Sanitary Protection Zones in Russian Cities and Towns
    Yaroslavl, 16 February 2007
    Collaboration with the private sector in the reduction of anthropogenic sources of water pollution was discussed in a workshop hosted in Yaroslavl by CABRI-Volga partner, the “Cadastre” Institute. Around 25 representatives of industrial enterprises participated in the workshop. They contributed to a vivid discussion with regard to bringing the efforts of industrial enterprises in line the requirements of Russian authorities and domestic legislation. The overall aim being to more effectively reduce the health risks of those people living in the cities. The meeting’s conclusions (133-Kbyte MS-Word) are now available for download, as are snapshots from the event (Image 1, Image 2).

  • The Role and Opportunities of Business in Sustainable Development of Cities
    Astrakhan, 9 February, 2007
    This workshop devoted special attention to issues related to sustainable river management. Participants of the meeting included industrial enterprises and business-communities of the Lower Volga region besides the city of Astrakhan as well as state run public and municipal authorities and scientific organizations.
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