What we do

In order to improve the quality of environmental risk management in the Volga basin, the project will produce a number of tangible outputs:

Self-standing project documents based on:

Established networks of experts and stakeholders including:

  • at the national level, networks of interest groups within the Volga basin; and

  • at the international level, networks that exchange experience between Europe and Russia/NIS

Operational tools, such as:

  • this website as a knowledge pool and contact database;

  • CABRI-Volga newsletters and press statements;

  • publications containing project materials and results; and

  • policy briefs in Russian and English

Concrete proposals that build on existing initiatives to strengthen coordination mechanisms along the basin, such as:

  • the establishment of the Volga Basin Council;

  • the establishment of a State Fund for the Protection of Small Rivers in the Volga Basin; and

  • the establishment of a national committee for the International Human Dimension Programme on Global Environmental Change

Together, these outputs form a complementary set of references, practices and tools that will contribute to the achievement of the projectís strategic objectives.

We produce a number of tangible outputs, such as:

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